Community Building

Why does Community Outreach matter? People don’t do business with companies; they do business with people. And they like to do business with individuals who care about them and their community. Think about how good it feels to walk into a grocery store, dry cleaner, or car repair shop and be greeted warmly, maybe even by name. Not all businesses have the opportunity for that kind of one-on-one interaction. So how can you show customers you care?

Lakesha and her small team helps clients get involved with their communities. Unlike most other PR agencies and social media marketing firms, we are small enough to have up-close, personal relationships with a broad base of community and military organizations.

We will tailor a multifaceted community outreach program appropriate to your interests, location, clientele, business, and employee strengths. We’ll also help get your employees on board, implement your strategy, and make sure your involvement gets the attention it deserves.