Living in Japan was one of the best business experiences. Last year, we boarded a flight at Naha International Airport with two babies under two, a pretween, four suitcases, two car seats, one double stroller, our PCS binder and more electronics than any one family should own. Three layovers and forty hours of travel time later, we landed at Ellis Airport in Jacksonville, NC. I cried at departure and arrival. I enjoyed my life immensely in Japan and I wasn't ready to start over.

For the first 30 days in NC, we lived in a hotel (by choice) until our house was ready. Four months later, we opened our first U.S. brick-and-mortar. Talk about turning a dream into a reality....

Do you have an idea for a new business and need help getting started? Or have you always wanted to launch a business but need help generating ideas? The Dream to Reality Academy is designed to help you tackle the key challenges of launching a startup, covering everything from idea creation and market research to sourcing merchandise and product development.

What you'll learn

* Setting boundaries and establishing work/life balance
* Organizing your work day and space
* Identifying business opportunities that are compatible with your skill set
* Defining your goals as an entrepreneur
* Conducting market research and choosing your target customer/client
* Designing and testing your business idea
* Planning your business logistics, plus pitching and selling to customers/clients.
* and more...

Come as you are. No business experience is needed.