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Being a mom is a full-time job, and starting a business is no easy task. Lakesha is here to teach you how she did both, between drop-off and pick-up, as a mom of three, while moving back and forth across the country and overseas.



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what they say

Lakesha has helped me sort through ideas, directed me in avenues that are advantageous to my goals and growth of my business.

Lorna Ellis, Owner, Ten Tiny Piggies

Had it not been for that first sit down meeting at Chilis, I wouldn't be nearly as confident or have a solid business foudation

Monica Brenoskie, Owner/Designer, Sasa Loo

Thanks for always answering my questions and being there. I sincerely believe you care about my journey and success. 

Tiffany Lawrence, Owner, Covered Cubs


Lakesha candidly shares how she use the perks and frustrations that come along with the military lifestyle to leverage her business and enhance the business experience of other military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs by helping them gain insight into how to ensure their start-up is a success.

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Lakesha's Brands

Lakesha is most passionate about people, building relationships, connecting others to their goals and entrepreneurship. Supporting women and military spouses is threaded into the DNA of Lakesha's businesses. You could call it a part of her raison d’etre and why she get out of bed in the morning.

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