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If you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, you are probably filled with enthusiasm, steadfast dedication, passion, newbie jitters, a bit of naiveté and hysteria about sharing your ideas with the world. Depending on who you talk to, becoming a spouse entrepreneur can be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

The dilemma of being a military spouse entrepreneur

Military families magazine

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I’m not a medical professional, but what I’ve learned from many therapy sessions is that although you may experience depression, it does not mean you’re depressed. It’s an experience, rather than something that solely defines you.

Lessons about entrepreneurship from depression


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Our very first date was at the Waffle House 19 years ago. Smothered, covered and chunked is our favorite. For you non-Waffle House goers, that’s slang for a way of ordering hash browns at the diner.

43 Date Nights in 52 Weeks. Here’s What We Learned

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As millions of Americans watched from their living rooms as President Trump addressed the nation, I had the incredible privilege of representing military spouses and the Military Family Advisory Network in that historic chamber. I was invited by my home state senator, Tim Kaine from Virginia, who was kind enough to allow me to tag along for the afternoon leading up to the main event.

What It's Like To Be A Military Guest At The State Of The Union


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Hurricane Florence left a wake of destruction along the East Coast, dumping around nine trillion gallons of water in North Carolina, according to The Weather Channel, causing record-breaking levels of flooding that left far-reaching land and homes temporarily unlivable.

Military Families Face Uncertainty After Hurricane Florence

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